Snow Removal in Your Community Association

snow removal

Common Snow Removal Procedures in Community Associations

Snow Removal in the Delaware Valley this season has been minimal, however, this may not be the case for the remainder of the season. February has been known to be one of the snowiest of months in the region. We would like to offer suggestions for residents and Board Members for common snow removal procedures within Community Associations.

PLEASE NOTE: All Associations handle snow differently and have different responsibilities for snow removal, these are just a few common ways that Associations handle snow removal.


    • Please be patient, as we know not everyone can be first. Many Associations will request that the contractor begins clearing walkways and driveways at different locations within the Community each storm. This way everyone has a chance to be at the beginning and end of the clearing pattern.
    • Other than the clearing and salting of roadways, it is common for all remaining snow removal procedures to begin after the storm has ended.
      • Most Communities do not provide snow removal services when there is less than 2″ of accumulation. It is always recommended to have a personal supply of ice melt product and shovel handy for your personal use in the event that the snow accumulation is less than 2″ and your Association does not provide driveway and walkway removal services during that storm.
      • The order of priority is many times as follows:
        • main roadways
        • individual driveways/walkways
        • common sidewalks
        • parking lots
        • clubhouse and mailbox access areas
      • If possible, park your vehicle off of the street in your driveway (or garage) during and immediately following the storm.
      • In Communities where most cars are parked in common lots or on the street, keep track of plowing operations and as areas are cleared move your vehicle into the cleared spot to allow more areas to be cleared. Vehicles left sitting on the street and within parking lots during and after storms have a possibility of being “plowed in.” Additionally, areas which are tight without much clearance may remain un-plowed if the vehicles are not moved in an effort to avoid damage to the vehicles.
      • Please refrain from clearing snow off of cars which are parked on previously plowed streets. This habit makes the roads icy and costs the Association more to re-clear already plowed roadways. This also pertains to shoveling snow onto previously cleared sidewalks.
      • It is important to remove all landscaping lighting which lines walkways/driveways, door mats, planters, benches, to assist with minimizing damage to items which may not be visible when covered with a significant accumulation of snow. The contractors typically will not cover damages to items they cannot see when snow is on top of them.
      • Try to leave all exterior lights on, this will help crews to see during snow removal operations which occur during evening hours.
      • Most Associations have the snow contractor return the following day after most folks are at work or school to clear the remaining parking areas when there are fewer vehicles “to work around.”
      • Lastly, please be patient (as stated in the first bullet point above), snow removal is difficult, time consuming and inconvenient for all. If we all work together and cooperate the inconvenience of snow removal can be minimized as best as possible.

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