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With a diverse team of 50 professionals, including our highly experienced and certified Community Managers, our expert accounting team, and our robust support staff, PENCO is able ensure that the needs of our 100 Community portfolio are consistently met with a warm and professional efficiency. PENCO’s team has the depth and breadth of expertise to guide our clients through every aspect of Community Management including routine maintenance, financial management, reserve analysis and funding, large scale capital improvement projects, emergency response, and long-range financial planning.

By utilizing a suite of software platforms that are consistently updated and inherently flexible, the PENCO team is able to provide our clients with highly detailed and customized monthly reports. PENCO’s financial reports receive uniform praise for accuracy, completeness, and timeliness from our Boards. Additionally, PENCO’s clients are able to utilize our web service to create Homeowner Portals that allow for real time access to Governing Documents, Homeowner Account Information, and vital community resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At PENCO, we pride ourselves on using a familial, team based approach to provide our clients with a level of service that has led to unmatched longevity and growth in a dynamic industry.

• Chester County
• Delaware County
• Montgomery County
• Bucks County
• New Castle County
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• Supporting 90+ Communities
• Community Associations Institute
• Trained & Certified Managers
• Average Tenure of Property Managers is 10+ Years
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• Homeowners Associations
• Condominiums
• Light Commercial Properties
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Lesa Chmielewski
April 2024
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"Arbor Point is a great neighborhood to live in. Our community manager, Kate Rabatin, is very on top of issues in our community and is great at sending gentle reminders when needed. I do believe that we run smoothly as a result of Kate’s attention to details—large and small."
Ryan Moran
April 2024
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"Appreciate the changes that Mrs. Davenport has brought to the Windsor Ridge Community. She is extremely communicative. The e-newsletter and new website are effective ways to share information. Mrs. Davenport responsiveness to inquiries are appreciated as well as her professionalism. Great addition to the community!"
Lauren Wright
April 2024
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"Our family lives in Rhondda and has really appreciated how well informed we are as a result of Dave Gyza's excellent and timely communication. He (and all of his volunteers) have also done a great job of keeping up morale with regular annual events as well as random unexpected ones. Keep up the good work, Dave & co! :)"
Chris Barnes
March 2024
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"We recently added Shannon as our property manager and finally feel like we have someone who is really on our side and looking out for our community. We’re very grateful to have her knowledge and expertise as we all know that great property managers can truly help a community thrive."
Pat Steckel
March 2024
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"This is to acknowledge Kim Mullica for her efficient communication with homeowners regarding the snow crews, trash collection, landscape clean up and Rule Reminders. Her reminders to homeowners who feel the rules don’t apply to them hurt the appearance of our neighborhood and its value. Thank you Kim for your continued care!"
Trent DeVore
January 2024
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"I have had a wonderful experience with Tina at PENCO. She is very responsive to concerns, partners with her residents, advocates for the community, and ensures vendors are held accountable for work that is promised. Thank you Tina for your amazing support and prompt follow-up to everything that comes your way!"
Scott Henderson
February 2024
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"Springton Village feels that PENCO is doing an excellent job for us. Steve Erney is both knowledgeable and personable and is an indispensable advisor who offers critical advice and guidance as we exercise our elected management responsibilities."
Nathan Delgado
December 2023
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"Jackie, our community inspector, conducted a thorough inspection today, and I must express my gratitude for the opportunity to engage in a discussion with her. Living in a homeowners association can sometimes be perplexing, and I am relieved to have someone like Jackie who can provide clarity and guidance on various matters. Her presence in our community is truly appreciated."
Michelle White
October 2023
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"I can attest that super heroes do exist after witnessing Debbie’s gargantuan feats over the past 5 years of which we have resided in Balmoral. She is on top of absolutely everything and can speak to any of the work being done or even imagined without hesitation. She is well respected by all of our neighbors. I have lived in other developments that had other management companies and I can easily say that Debbie is the hero in Penco. To think that we are only one development that she manages is mind blowing. I dread the day that she is no longer in the position to support us as she truly is a Godsend. I have even received responses from her while she was on vacation. Who does that? I surely hope that she is well compensated by Penco because she is a one of a kind angel for our community. Thank you Debbie for all that you do to keep our community beautiful. We are so grateful to have you as our property manager."
Jim McGinty
October 2023
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"I have called your office and often speaking with Denise who is a super person to deal with as she is always very professional, courteous and patient, but most of all she really works hard to get the callers request or problem handled. Denise represents PENCO at the highest level of customer service. In my 25 years in the corporate world having many positions, including managing the customer service department, why feedback is negative more often then the rarer positive compliments about an employee from customers receiving excellent encounters. Please let her see this email and put a copy in her HR file so her next performance view reflects what an asset Denise is to have on your staff."

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